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Sony DRX-S70U

Monday, October 29, 2007
Sony DRX-S70U

After several attempts in trying to figure out what went wrong with my 1.5 year old HP DVD Writer, I could come to no other conclusion than a hardware failure.

In a desperate need for a burner, I recently decided to get an external one instead, powered by USB so that I don't have to depend on a single PC incase of internal PC malfunction. Among the very few available to choose from, I got a Sony DRX-S70U external slim DVD Writer for Rs. 7,000 (~$175). Its the notebook type of drive, so it writes at pretty low speeds (HP disks at 2x).

Better off to use the cheapest internal writer to be replaced every one year or two, rather than getting an expensive branded one for this purpose.

There was drive that was really mouth-watering : Sony Blue-Ray BWU-100A. Unfortunately, its costs a whopping Rs 38,000 (~$950) !

Sony DRX-S70U Sony DRX-S70U