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GMail Unbeatable

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

When Gmail was first launched in 2004, its most attractive features were fast AJAX interface and POP+SMTP ! Though Microsoft Email clients like Outlook & Express managed to emulate POP & SMTP for Hotmail accounts, POP+SMTP was not really available. But above all, it was Gmail's initial 1GB and growing storage capacity what really lured people to using it. By 2007, with space of almost 3GB and 10GB for the paid versions, Google has recently increased their capacity to 4GB (targetted to 6GB by Jan '08) and 25GB for paid versions.

And now for the most anticipated feature of all - IMAP. Thats right. Google has just started rolling out IMAP for gmail accounts. This may not come as a very big excitement for most users, but it definitely does for developers who can now access gmail accounts directly via the IMAP protocol. The only other free service that was providing this so far, was AOL.

There may have been a lack of new services by Google this year, but if definitely seems to be improving their existing ones dramatically. After all, it reached the $600 a share mark a couple of weeks back and is close to $670 as of now.