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NIIT's new Adobe Courses

Friday, December 14, 2007

In today's Mumbai Mirror, I was surprised too see a nicely designed ad showcasing NIIT's new Adobe Web 2.0 courses. Apparently, NIIT & Adobe have joined forces to provide training programmes on Adobe's latest version of their products : Flash CS3, Dreamweaver CS3, Flex 2 and ColdFusion 8.

I called them up (main center located at Delhi), to enquire about these courses (my interest being in Flex alone), I was told that Flex is currently not available ! When I asked about the Flash CS3 course, they asked me if I knew C# and I replied no since I'm mainly into Linux based stuff, they insisted that I take a C# course which is a prerequisite for learning Flash CS3 ! I guessed this included ActionScript 3 too, but C# being a prerequisite is a pretty high demand. Knowledge of JavaScript with OOP concepts should be more than enough in my opinion.

  • Basic C# : ~ Rs 6,200
  • Flash CS3 : ~ Rs 9,000
  • Flex : ~ Rs 7,000
  • Entire Web 2.0 Course (including Dreamweaver & ColdFusion) : ~ Rs 24,000 over a period of ~ 250 hours
Adobe NIIT Ad 1
Adobe NIIT Ad 2
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hippie_with_an_attitude said...

So did you join the course ? hows it?
imo flex can be learned without knowledge C#

Anjanesh said...

Nope. Im checking out SilverLight as its easily integrated with Visual Studio and Blend.

I guess for Flash CS3, they include ActionScript too, since CS3 is more about the new ActionScript 3.0 than just the authoring tool.

For Flex, they probably require basic OOP concepts as a prerequisite. Plus, using C# for creating ASP .NET with flex embedded.

Shivanand Sharma said...

I had a different experience. I reside in Noida and I drove all the way to green park/hauz khas NIIT center to inquire about the course. I was asked to fill up an enquiry form at the NIIT center there.

When I met the councellor there and the first thing she tells me is that this is a hardware course. Wow so Adobe is now getting their hands dirty into hardware. She had no clue about the course. Absolutely none. I pointed her to my qualifications I ticked on teh enquiry form and her heart skipped a beat. She went into her superiors office hurriedly and managed to print out a paper with the course Advertisement to present to me. I had the newspaper Ad handy and I told her upfront that I'm not a noobie at all this.

She promised to revert back to me and it's been (God knows maybe) 20 days. Absolutely no clue. I think Adobe should look for better training partners or at least ensure better service levels. I'm willing to pay the price quoted on this post. Poor lady, didn't even know about the course name, price or contents.

I'm going to write to NIIT and Adobe about this experience.

I learnt it would have been far easier on my to simply give them a call before driving that far. Another, that these guys are best at bluffing ignorant kids.

Unknown said...

I called up niit in feburary and the call center gave me a couple of numbers after a lengthy process of recording info about everything but the mole on my butt. Nobody picked the phone at one of the centers and at the other one (C.P) they just kept transferring the line to one another, nobody knew a thing. When i lost my cool, the bitch at the board tells me that they don't offer the course- this when i had told her in the begening what the call was for. What a bunch of screw-ups. NIIT has become like a sarkari company.

Unknown said...

plz send me full details on my id

Unknown said...
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