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Local Alert: Burrp Mumbai User Emails Leaked

Saturday, June 23, 2007

I was shocked when I saw the newsletter email from, titled Local SMS Alerts from Instead of sending it one at time to each individual, they CC'd it everyone in the group ! This leak could've been goldmine for spammers and other internet marketeers ! could've been did I say ? I was further shocked to learn that there are only about 450 users registered under Burrp Mumbai !

Burrp is currently all about a local search for restaurants, bars, nightlife, street food, juice centres, desserts, bakeries etc - which is what this very city is built upon. The reason why this 'seems' so overly-crowded is because of the excess fat in most of the Mumbaikars (no offence, just a view). They're soon on the way to becoming Indian version of, listing Cinemas, Theater & Dance, Museums, Art Galleries, Spas, Salons, Gymnasiums and Book Stores. Food and drinks being the backbone of this city, a potential site like could've done much better marketing - instead they've now got a tougher job of marketing as result of this breach of privacy. Trust is very important factor when signing up for a service - esp when its a free one. That's why I have a separate email for all public community related websites.

Anyway, thanks for list Burrp.

Update: A similar incident seems to have taken place with an upcoming website called Nivio.