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RegisterFly's Owners Gay Relationship gets Business in the way

Sunday, June 24, 2007

"It's Nothing Personal ... It's Just Business" - That's Donald Trump's The Apprentice's quote that you find on the show.
Its now a total mess for RegistryFly, a fairly medium sized hosting company and a domain registrar having Michael Jackson as one of its ~900,000 customers.

Started as a reseller service, lovers John Naruszewicz and Kevin Medina got their company its own accredited registrar status in 2006. And now, in less than a year's time, they've lost the status in March 2007. There was a bit of a chaos as it was rumored that
Now, the customers' domains are being transferred to GoDaddy.
Theres a blog dedicated to RegisterFly : RegisterFlies

Mails from RegistryFly and DirectI are the only ones I had to set filters to move them to my thrash folder - so far !
Almost 4 yrs ago, I had signed up for DirectI's hosting service and while it was in trial period for 3 days, I decided not to go with them and choose another hosting solution, as hosting in India is still pretty expensive. But in spite of not ordering their service after the trial period, I still get their "Pending Payment" emails !

Similarly with RegisterFly, where I only signed up - that's all I did and and didn't even order a domain and yet their marketing mails used to reach my inbox just too often ! Finally it started being marked as spam automatically.

So kids, what the moral of this new Panchatantra story ? "Never run a business with your gay lover !"