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Computer Science Lab

Monday, April 30, 2007
lab I was in Coimbatore for the whole of April to take my university tests that I didn't take/clear during my college days in 2001-2004. Pretty boring when you're so used to sitting in front of the PC all day long and then for almost an entire month to just check mails in a café on alternate days. The college where I did my bachelors is famous for its Catering Science department. When I went to college this time to attend the tests, I found that two of the four Computer Science labs were upgraded to better machines (PIV HT 512MB RAM) and faster internet connectivity (2 mpbs). I remember the days when hitting F5 in VS .NET would take over 10 minutes to get it started and it finally became so frustrating that we were forced to continue to use version 6 of Visual Studio. Yet, these days hardly anoyone takes advantage of the new infrastructure, so I heard. A deserted lab with ice-cold processors now looks like a showroom full of brand new computers on sale. Over the last few years the demand for computer science admissions were terribly (down since 2002) until now where the 2007 admissions have already surpassed 239 - 240 is the maximum limit a college under Bharathiar University can hold for the bachelor's computer science course.