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Wednesday, May 09, 2007
Pen Drive Boredom lead me to making this post today. Exactly 10 years ago, back in 1997 when I entered 10th grade we had an additional academic subject which was computer science. In early 1998 I submitted my 10th grade project called "Nitrogen" which was written in Microsoft's GW-BASIC for DOS. I did this somwhere in August/September of '97. Those days in our school, there wasn't any harddisk in the 80286 machines - we had to boot using our 1.44in floppy diskette that was formatted with MS-DOS - and run whatever we could that was loaded in our floppy disk. I think that that system may bubble back soon if a 100GB USB pen drive could be used to boot the PC directly. [ Strangely, I can't seem to get a screenshot of a DOS app with graphics in WinXP. I even tried but in vain. The screenshot I got is one that I took long ago probably on a Win98 PC. ] The NITROGEN.BAS is the original GW-BASIC source code which required line number in increments of 10. The NTG files are the docs files and 3 of the 4 DAT files are the coordinates + colours information for the 3 animations in the program. GW-BASIC is an interpreter, the nitrogen.exe file was created using Microsoft QuickBasic 4.5 which had a compiler as well. Download