Assignment Statements, Comparisons & Observations
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Tuesday, April 03, 2007
300 I recently saw 300 and the movie was just awesome ! This is one movie I wish I had seen with my friend Cibi who is an animation expert (heads the creative arm of a studio) and just loves to talk CG. Today, we prefer movies with superficial stories with animation blended-in that make it look realistic, yet an impossible situation and above all - an epic battle. The Matrix Trilogy is another famous example. With kind of creatures created in 300, no one really wanted to complain about the kind of impossible looking enemies the spartans had to deal with. Ultimately, it was the central-idea of "outrage" that took the audience by storm. Violence was depicted in a way that today's generation enjoys the most - Killdom. It just makes us want to goto the gym ? During my school days, I failed the history exam every time. Now Im on the hunt for The 300 Spartans which is a 1962 movie based on the same true story of the greek war. Even though 300 was inspired by Frank Miller's comic 300, the foundation of all these stories is the same war that took place millenniums ago. And now the only kind of movies that interests me are ones based on stories that took place centuries ago followed by a lot of wikipedia reading. Examples : Troy, Gladiator, Alexander. How my interest in history has changed over the decade !