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GlobalWarming Awareness2007

Thursday, February 22, 2007
SEO Contest The US government party, The Democrats and its supporters will not be happy to find that an internet search on Global Warming Awareness 2007 is leading to a pile of garbage. I say "garbage" because an ordinary surfer would be baffled by the websites' content that really has no relevant information on global warming awareness. Instead, most of the top 100 results (out of over 2.5 million results) on Google are all related to a recent SEO Contest called SEO World Championship. The challenge is optimize a site for the phrase "globalwarming awareness2007". And one of the rules is that the domain should've been registered on or after 15th Jan 07. Its been just over a month since the launch of the contest and a google search on the phrase "globalwarming awareness2007" already yields 1.33 million results ! Now thats a lot of combined SEO done ! This Q1's maximum revenue for domain registrars has got to be from this contest ! The contest presumably ends on On May 1st, 2007 since its on that date the rankings would be chacked to see which site scores the highest. We're looking at another 2 more months of heavy SEO and junk websites. Rule 1 of the contest is Site must include either a SEO World Championship text link or a banner. (The banner may be linked or not linked) If you take a random link from the first 100 results, you'll sure to find that banner/link. The last rule says Website will not use SEO methods which are clearly not approved by Search Engine Guidelines for example: doorway pages, etc. See Google webmaster Guidelines. (Any participant ignoring the Google webmaster guidelines will not qualify for a prize). First point under Google webmaster guidelines' Quality guidelines - basic principles : Make pages for users, not for search engines. - LOL ! Not even one among the top 100 results are for users ! All were for search engines to compete for the #1 spot in rankings. So what will it take to get to see some real websites on Global Warming Awareness2007 ? This is a terrible blow to websites dedicated to global warming awareness 2007. This is a bigger challenge for webmasters of the dedicated sites.