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2007 = Start of World War III ?

Sunday, March 11, 2007
Did you know about this ? Nostradamus has perdicted that World War III would be from 2007 till 2012. That means we are now in the starting year of World War III ! This isn't really all that hard-to-believe for we all know the chaos that was created in the last half decade between the Gulf and the US. But I still find it difficult to gulp down the fact that it would be in this year that a world war would be ignited. With the level of high-tech machines available that are capable for mass destruction, we'll be back to stone-age if a world war breaks out. There are many reasons for many to fear of an upcoming world war. Here are some of the main reasons. With threats from outer space about comets and the like crashing into earth in the next couple of years or so - thats enough of a world war if one needs to justify the reason to start one. But I strongly believe that the world-wide chaos would be controlled to prevent a world war. (... The Da Vinci Code = The Nostradamus Code ? ...)