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The Hot Ms.Dewey

Monday, February 12, 2007
Ms DeweyMicrosoft has released a really hot new search called Ms Dewey which is actually based on Live Search. This seems to have been out last year (but not publically), but I seem to have missed it. Im sure how why this was released, but Dewey seems to take a very long time to think over the results and the they are the same as Live search. So far Google has been into fetching results based on relevancy of the pages/sites - based on number of hits, pagerank, popularity etc, but not a linguistic search. At first I thought, Ms Dewey may be able to actually read the search terms as a sentence but it didn't seem that way. This just looks like a Vista promotion with its cool black looks. I like the idea that you get entertained with a non-animated character while searching for long minutes for the right click. And if the Dewey is not on focus for a long time, she calls us back, saying "Helloooo", or "Type something here" or by knocking on the glass pane which is quite annoying. There should've been one more textbox to type in our commands as a conversation to Dewey ! Google has also released a new search called SearchMash. Midomi is a search engine that can search for song details your enter as audio input - in the form of a sample song. Vanakkam !