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Whats up with Yahoo!?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yahoo A few months ago, I blogged about Yahoo! shutting down its Kisckstart service.
Well, off lately Yahoo! has been shutting down a whole lot of its services most notably Yahoo! 360 - soon in July 2009.

The other common services of Yahoo! that shutdown were :

  1. Yahoo! Mash, a social networking service lasted for a year ended in September 2008.
  2. Yahoo! Live, a real-time video broadcasting experiment ended after a 6 months stint in December 2008.
  3. Yahoo! Content Match, a Google Adsense clone shuts down in Europe.
  4. Jumpcut, an online video editing tool closed down just a couple of days back (15th June 2009).
  5. Yahoo! Podcasts, a podcasting directory end after 2 years in October 2007.
  6. Yahoo! Auctions, an eBay competitor ended in September 2008.
  7. Yahoo! Photos shut down in September 2007 but got replaced with their better acquired service, Flickr.
  8. Yahoo Briefcase, a free storage service ended after a decade in March 2009.
  9. Geocities, the 90's most famous free static website hosting service is closing this year - but this one is not as a result of failure - after all it was one of the biggest success stories in the 90s - it just got worn off - retired - antique - much better ones available/evolved over the last 15 years.

Yahoo! may not be dying, but its definitely try to recover its No.1 position it had a decade-and-a-half ago.


gurupanguji said...

I met the product manager who oversaw the whole geocities shutdown. You might know him as well Ashish Sinha of the fame.

Interesting chap and geocities was shut down because it was costing Y! too much to maintain such old legacy systems!!