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Hiring => Aquiring ?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

With jobs cut stories being published everyday, more and more smaller companies are sprouting up daily. While on the quest for a job myself, most of the recent postings at various job portals like Naukri and Monster are from startups companies with 5 to 25 employees. I was going through various companies' websites and came across many more startup companies and related websites that seems very fascinating. I don't remember all the websites I've been through except for one which was uniquely enough to be rememberable - IonLab.

Big companies are now looking to aquire rather than hire. Google and Microsoft have been acquiring constantly in the recent years. But Google has pushed this even further with Google Ventures - a $100 million annual funding for startups and Google App Engine - web hosting on Google's high-end scalable servers. Commenting on Microsoft's Bing, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said that :

"We have been wandering around looking at all of the different companies. With the big ones, we haven't come across anything we've particularly liked. We are definitely talking to a number of smaller companies but we've done that routinely. We primarily look for technology. It's a typical build versus buy"

But this isn't limited to big giants alone - even Twitter, (small company now with big money), bought Summize for their search part.

And start-up guru, Paul Graham who apparently hates running a startup has funded about 150 startups !

Startups in India are creating a buzz (read: Related Links) : StartupBuzz, StartupDunia, Pluggd In


Abhang Rane said...

Heyyyy! I guess you were the one who commented on my jQuery post :). Finally I am talking to my post reader :))). I am glad someone is talking about finding jobs! Seems you from Bangalore??. You are already in the right place, Pune does not seem that happening. Mumbai... well.. I feel software is not in the air. I am from Mumbai by the way!

Anjanesh said...

Im from Mumbai.