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Warren Buffet NOT = Billionaire ?

Friday, December 15, 2006
I was searching for the video Liz Claman's interview with billionaire Warren Buffet that took place a few weeks ago. The best I could come up with was obviously at YouTube, though the original videos can be found in parts & segments at CNBC website which requires you to be registered too. The interview was apparently titled Warren Buffet The Billionaire Next Door. Now, searching for the interview title warren buffet the billionaire next door in Google, this is what Google's Did you mean had to suggest : Come on Google, I'm a big fan of G, but you should atleast get the billionaires names mapped correctly !


Anonymous said...

A personage (a status granted only by those who have been born) who does not
believe in, nor is willing to manifest, an unconditional love and respect
for the sanctity of unique unborn human life can not be considered to be as
ethical (honorable and good) as he and this interview (Warren Buffet: The
Billionaire Next Door) would like to lead us to believe he is.