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Thursday, December 14, 2006
I am total XML fan, wanting to have almost everything propogated via XML. I once posted in a PHP forum regarding ROR (Resources of a Resource) which is a replacement for robots.txt but in XML format. When I asked for others opinion, one response I got was from nielsene who said : Ugh, please no. I hate the growing trend to XML-ify everything. XML is a useful technology, but its not a pancea. In many cases it only adds overhead to both storage and processing. Now, I agree to his point of processing, but then again, processing techniques have become increasingly faster and storage is multiplying by second. I find a similar trend taking place in domain of USB devices. I was searching for an online store to buy the cool Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard and found that it was available at thinkgeek. I was checking out other cool high-tech products and realised that the sitname thinkgeek was just right - theres hardly anything available that would be of interest to the general consumer. Only geeks would even think of buying it ! What the heck is someone going to do with a USB Rocket Launcher or Star Wars Force FX Lightsabers connected to his PC's USB port ? Atleast they could've been connected via bluetooth to get rid of the confinement. Anyway, I was going through some of the USB-based products that could interest me.
Roll-Up Keyboard

Additional Connectivity: PS2

Additional Connectivity: PS2
7" Widescreen Digital Frame with USB Host
Linksys Network Storage Link
USB Data Link Transfer Cable
USB Skype Phone
Surround Sound USB Audio Adapter
Prodikeys MIDI Keyboard
External USB Video Card
eStarling Wi-Fi Gmail / Flickr Enabled LCD Frame

Additional Connectivity:Wireless 802.11 Network
USB FlexLight
USB Battery Charger
4-Port USB Hub Illuminated Mousepad
If I need to connect all these devices to my PC via USB, I would need 14 extra USB ports ! And these are only the ones I would I want to get now. As my list grows, I would probably need like a 100 USB ports. Do you think this is defintely USB-ifying everything ? English is now the standard universal way for communcation across different territories. XML is becoming the way for software. And now its USB for hardware. I think this justifies the need for a atleast one common channel for propogation in every aspect. I dont think we are -ifying everything, we just need atleat one common route. Now, where can I buy a multi-USB-connector connected via bluetooth ?