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Google To Buy YouTube Rumor

Sunday, October 08, 2006
I always had this gut feeling that Google would try to buy YouTube one day real soon. Google Video was defintely hitting on far better than MSN Video and Y! Video but if you place the tripod at YouTube and look at Google Video, the latter looked like a total disaster. Sure, Google is more conscious of copyright issues and has its legendary simple layout design which makes it more aesthetically appealing, but the content on YouTube is what people want to see ! Lets try to categorize the people who are going to surf the internet and check out YouTube Videos: · Children & Teenagers - They have all the time in world for playing around esp teenagers who are totally into the internet these days · The Jobless / Unemployed - You think they are busy job-hunting all day long ? This is their best pass-time in between 2 unsuccessful interviews, or maybe even trying out a video-resume ? · New Moive Production Company on the lookout for aspiring Actors & Directors - Well, if YouTube isn't a boon for them (Actors & Directors), then what is ? This is probably their best bet to show off their talent, if not at an audition. The next Steven Spielberg could be found on YouTube. · Ad Searchers - If you ever wanted to watch advertisements one after another, not on television in-between, YouTube is the best place to search. There are a gazillion TV Commercials uploaded to YouTube, but this is what many predict will bring down YouTube due to legal issues. · Learners learning to learn via online video tutorials - There are quite a number of online tutorials found on YouTube which are pretty useful since you have a visual animated demonstration and speech. ( Tutors willing to share their teachings online ? Preachers and Swamijis ? I guess we'll wait for some more years to come on this one. ) The category list gets pretty lengthy if one thinks deep enough to visualize the audience - I just did not anticipate the number of keystrokes I got to make for this post. Google bought Orkut to have their MySpace kinda thing, bought Upstartle (Writely makers) to compete with Microsoft's desktop suites by going the web way, recently acquired Neven Vision for standing out in image recognition. And now they want YouTube because its hit-percentage is 4 times more than their video service. The estimated $1.6 billion deal is amazing for a company staffed by only about 60 employees. If Google does suck YouTube, thats an oppurtunity for MSN and Y! Videos to increase their hits by the time Google Video and YouTube join in for holy matrimony.