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The Coolest Mobile Phone Design

Tuesday, September 26, 2006
Apart from my PIV 3.0 GHz HT HP dc7100 desktop (nothing really to brag about these days after the launch of the Core Duo and Dual Core based machines) and HP laptop, I got myself a multi-functional AOI printer-scanner-copier, a LightScribe Double-layer DVD Writer, a Canon PowerShot 4.0MP and a Sony CyberShot 6.0MP digital cameras, 2 pen drives, an external hardisk, an iPod Nano and a Nokia 6681 (which I presented to my aunt) over a period of one year. For the past few months, I've managed to control myself in gadget-shopping...well, I finally realized that I've been draining all my income on gadgets and absolutely on nothing else ! But for the last few days I was thinking of finally getting a mobile phone for myself - the last gadget I wanted to get by the end of this year. So I pondered over the idea of getting just one more gadget within the budget.

Being a total gadget freak and keeping myself abreast of the latest general technology trends, I haven't owned a mobile-phone so far. Actually...I haven't owned any of the higher-end cool gadgets like a PDA or a tablet PC as well. Waiting for the right mobile to buy, I finally ended up with 2 choices: Nokia E60 and Nokia N73, both of which weren't yet released in the market at the time of my decision. The dilemma I faced with, was that of the option of having a camera or not. The N73 is one of those dual-camera based phones targeted for the amateur entertainers, while the E60 is a camera-less phone targeted mainly for the business side of the world. The reason for me not wanting a camera mobile phone, is that I've already spent heavily (for an extremely amateur photographer like myself) on camera devices and don't want to spend again on another camera-based product. Both models are Symbian OS 9.1 powered and are more-or-less the same in terms of technical specs - ofcourse, the N73 was launched in '06 while the E60 in '05, so there obviously is an upgrade in the tech part for the N73 model, though the E60 has more in terms of shared storage.

Here is a basic tech-comparision between the 2 models.
  Nokia E60 Nokia N73
Announced 12th October 2005 25th April 2006
Platform S60 3rd Edition S60 3rd Edition
Regional Availability Africa
North America
Latin America
Resolution 352 x 416 240 x 320
Color Depth 24bit 18bit
Shared Memory 75MB 42MB
Memory Card RS-MMC Mini SD

After doing a lot of research on the net, on deciding which model should be on the top of the podium, I came across a Nokia design which is the design of their future mobile phone: Nokia 888. After spening hours Googling Nokia 888, I was totally in love with the design concept.

According to engadget,
The bracelet-like 888 is envisioned to use a liquid battery, feature speech recognition, a flexible touch screen, and a touch sensitive body cover. A video showing off the device's potential features shows off close to a dozen functions, including an alarm clock, PDA, GPS, phone, push email receiver, digital wallet and, of course, jewelry. And, other than the "liquid battery," we can actually see this in the not-too-distant future.

Nokia 888

Uh...the SIM card providers should have a hell of a time making SIMs to fit the design's needs. Or could that too use a liquid SIM ?

As to what mobile model I am going to buy soon ? I think I'll wait just a wee liiittle bit more longer.......until I run out of patience !

More pics for the "time-passer":

Yankodesign Nokia 888

Yankodesign Nokia 888
Video at YouTube:


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