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Wednesday, September 08, 2021

I can't explain what a game changer this site is : Dukaan - imagine Shopify. (Dukaan in Hindi means shop)

If one signs up via the mobile app then its free (no branding though) and the paid plan which includes custom domain and desktop admin is less than $100 per year.

I am not sure if this would interest non Indian users as this product as this is mainly aimed at the Indian small business - even the tiniest business - I mean, a person having a shop handling it by himself single-handedly only and no employees can sell online via mydukaan with $0 investment online. Indian small business owners will be reluctant to pay even 1 cent to invest online. That's the reason why I mentioned if you would understand this site's business model or not. And most small business owners use mobile and don't have email, laptop etc. They may not have a desktop / laptop and email but they'll defintely buy a smartphone. That's the penetration of smartphones in India.

And Dukaan seems to take 0 commission from sales - I tried this out - my friend Viraj got entire amount from a Rs 500 t-shirt sale.

This company is 1.5 yrs old and recently got $11M in funding and are probably geared up for more.

PS: In a recent interview the founder said that he wants to expand to other countries.