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Why I bought a Dropbox Pro account ?

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Last weekend was bad. My MacBook Pro's hard-drive crashed and my Ubuntu machine's hard-drive was semi-crashing, booting once in a while and once it booted with the entire file-system as read-only !

While my Ubuntu machine was up and running, I managed to backup all my data to Dropbox. But this time I backed it up in such a way that I don't have to 're-arrange' the folders all over again when my computer crashes.

Here's an example of what I did for my localhost (http://localhost/anjanesh) which, on the physical file system points to /home/anjanesh/www (~/www).

  • I copied all my data from ~/www to ~/Dropbox/www
  • Dropbox synced all the data in ~/Dropbox/www to the server
  • I deleted ~/www and symlinked www to ~/Dropbox/www (ln -s ~/Dropbox/www www)

So now ~/www points to ~/Dropbox/www
Whatever changes I make to ~/www gets stored, indexed and synced to Dropbox's server.

And now on my MacBook, I installed Dropbox and did the same thing with www - except point ~/www to /Users/anjanesh/Dropbox/www
This way, http://localhost/~anjanesh/ physically points to my Dropbox folder.

You can do this with all data folders, like Documents, Pictures and even Desktop. Even /var/lib/mysql to point all the mysql-data to a Dropbox sub-folder itself.


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