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Bike Accident

Sunday, July 27, 2008

I had quite a major bike accident on Wednesday evening at around 5 P.M. A car hit me from the opposite direction while I was making a slow right turn. But luckily the injuries were few. My left arm is completely immobilized. For 2 months max my left arm will be non-functional - had surgery on left elbow for removal of glass pieces (that got entered from the car's side windows). I was EXTREMELY LUCKY to have no other injuries especially on my head considering the fact that I was thrown off my bike and landed on my back. I am typing this from my hospital bed. Hopefully I would be discharged next week. Here are some pics of the operation taken by the surgeon.

 WARNING !  Some of these photos contain very graphic images. Viewer Discretion is Strongly Advised. Click here to show the photos.


Unknown said...

Dude....!!! Thats is quite a serious accident I assume. How are you feeling now, and what boike were you riding?? Take good care of yourself man...!! Really sad! Get well soon! God Bless!

Anjanesh said...

Thanks. I am recuperating now. My left arm should be free in 2 months & 1 more month to be able to use it again like before.

You have no idea how lucky I was being thrown off the bike onto the road instead on hanging onto to it. The bike had gone much further down the road & rolled over a cople of times. Had I been stuck to it, it would've benn a real major one.

I was riding my 2 month old Bajaj Pulsar 150 which now requires more than half of the bike's original value in repairs/replacements.