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ConText out of Eden's Garden

Sunday, September 16, 2007
ConText ConText, a fairly popular light-weight syntax text editor for Windows, developed and maintained solely by a Croatian named Eden Kirin, is out for sale ! Since the lastest release v0.98.5 in December 2006, there has been no activity in its development and Eden was hardly on the forums. Ever since he decided to revamp the entire thing for version 1.0, there was a lot of eagerness from his fans. After almost a year, he has finally posted on the main page :

Due to various engagements which cause lack of my full attention and continuous further development of the ConTEXT project, I'm officially announcing that the ConTEXT project is offered FOR SALE and starting the bid.

Buyer will get:

  • Full source code of ConTEXT Programmers Editor's last three releases.
  • Full source code of unfinished ConTEXT v1.0.
  • Full source code of ConTEXT Programmers Editor's dependent units and libraries.
  • Fully functional ConTEXT web site located at with well visited support forum.
  • Ownership of domain name

Buyer will be allowed to:
  • Use source code in his own projects.
  • Change name of ConTEXT Programmers Editor according to their own needs.
  • Change status of project from freeware to shareware, commercial or any other, according to their needs.
  • Sell ConTEXT under original or under changed name.
  • Change contents or purpose of the official ConTEXT web site.
Please send your serious offers and any questions regarding this bid to iwant-at-context-dot-cx. Bidding will be closed on December 7th 2007. The bidding process will not be public.

Eden Kirin, author of ConTEXT Programmers Editor project

Most of its users are hoping it to be taken & open-source it.
There are two alternatives I'm looking at if this gets frozen - a free editor called Notepad+ + and a commercial one for $35 called e.