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Works only in IE Browser

Wednesday, January 17, 2007
Today, its pretty rare to find sites that say This site works only in Internet Explorer (IE). Some like Windows Update require IE since it can't update through the browser without the use of Microsoft's legendary ActiveX controls. Accepted. But if a site insists on ActiveX controls and shows up a Doesn't-work-in-this-browser page for non IE browsers, its NOT ok. With alternates like Flash, Javascript and SVG, the webpage can be better optimized. Websol is a Mumbai based IT firm and frequently post job-postings on Indian job boards. I checked out their site [] long ago and today I went back to their site to check it again, only to find the issue still hangs around. This may work in IE6, not sure, but since IE7 put a lot of restrictions on ActiveX controls, it must have got detected as a non-IE browser. As seen in Mozilla FireFox As seen in Internet Explorer 7.0 And I thought I was equipped with enough browsers !