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Jobs in-demand by 2006 end

Thursday, December 28, 2006
Lets see whats hot & in-demand by this year end. Im talking mostly about IT jobs and experienced and 2 of these sites (Naukri and MonsterIndia) are specific to India. These were the criteria I set for each site's search :
Naukri: Min 3yrs Exp
Hotjobs: 2-5, 5-10 yrs Exp
Dice: Nil
MonsterIndia: Min 3yrs Exp
RentACoder: All not-yet-expired projects
While the first 4 are job board sites, the 5th one, RentACoder is a site dedicated to outsourcing work. I wanted to pick one that isn't a job board but has similar requirements. These do not reflect accurate values and definitely will have errors since the search were based on keyword-search and there was no way to know if the job posting actually had a requirement in that specific domain. Hopefully, each site's search engine has given much-relevant results. I've grouped these graphs based on various field, since theres point comparing ASP with Maya. Some of the graphs displayed below compares the percentage each value contributes to a total across categories. Programming for the Desktop : C is defintely has more results when compared to others. [The next graph shows the result without the graph] and Java is high in number.
Desktop 1
Programming for the Desktop : This one is the same as above "Programming for the Desktop" but without the C keyword since 'C' is misleading in many of the search results. Its clear that Java totally takes the lead. Its interesting to note that there are quite a number of outsourced projects required in Delphi while the job posting is very less when compared to other requirements for the same job site. Just to make it clear, the value for Delphi is 45 at Naukri, 73 at HotJobs, 160 at Dice, 68 at MonsterIndia and 35 at RentACoder.
Desktop 2
Web / Internet Technologies : This one should be the most interesting one at this time of the century.
PHP may be in-demand, if you club ASP, ASP. NET and C#, you'll notice that Microsoft languages are defintely more-in-demand. Two of the new languages, Python and RoR (Ruby On Rails) probably will pick up in another year's time. can further analyse for yourself. Database : Oracle is defintely the most-wanted for salaried-people but not much outsourcing work. Guess only coorporates could afford Oracle requirements and resources.
Mobile : Symbian C++ should've been used instead of just Symbian, since Symbian is an OS but I've taken Symbian as a platform here on lines with J2ME and others - not merely as a programming language. J2ME relies on the Java language. Brew is again a platform on which developers can code in C, C++ or Java.
Operating System : I split Unix and Linux for the reason that these days people are specifically talking about Unix and Linux separately.
3D Graphics : Maya and 3D Studio Max have always been on top for a long time now.
Others : SAP is in great demand.
Desktop 1
Overall, these are nice looking graphs with excellent textures, fill-patterns and gradients :). 2007 should be a great year for Human Resources in the IT industry.