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Abundant Space

Tuesday, September 05, 2006
Its more than 7 years since Yahoo acquired Geocities, making it at that time and for many years, the most popular site for creating a website for novice web designers. At that time almost every Internet Junkie who couldnt afford to buy a hosting solution, created their Geocities site. Most of the users were, ofcourse hobbyists who then lead on to become professional designers/developers. Now, there are thousands of affordable hosting solutions, even for the average Indian salaried-man. For $5 a month there are various packages from different companies which suits our need. Some good hosts also offer a basic/minimum package for $20 - $30 a year. But then again, we have those searching for anything that is free. And for these, Google, Yahoo and MSN couldn't have marketed their services any better (or maybe orkut ? Somehow, I came to know about orkut just a few months ago !). Today we have so many such free services allowing us to host content for free. Social Networking Sites like MySpace & Orkut, Blog services like Blogger, Y! 360ยบ & Microsoft's Live Spaces are allowing everyone to create a space of their own with zero HTML/CSS input. Customizing templates have become such a breeze that people are even calling their customized-template as another template ! I killed my boredom/laziness by creating my blog here, using the updated Beta version of blogger (but not using the new beta tags). Hopefully, I'll update this template as often as I can...and next time post interesting posts !